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mst MD5

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MSTMD5 is a program that tells you the md5 result of a file. The MD5 is a cryptographic implementation algorithm represented typically with a 32 hexadecimal digit. This system is widely used and accepted as a security implementation. It’s used to verify the integrity or the authenticity of a file. With this program you can check for example, a file downloaded from the Internet to verify if there’s a virus or if it was modified while it was being transmitted over the internet. This system can be also used to check if any email had been altered using public and private keys. Another important use is in security tasks like handling passwords: it’s used to send, receive and store them with a higher level of security.
It’s noticeable the interface, based on the graphic structure pointing to make the security job a little easier. The usage is extremely simple: you only have to drag and drop the file into the indicated area and the program will list you the name of the program and the md5 string, then you only have to compare it with the public one provided by the developers.

Guada Morán
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  • Extremely simple interface, very easy to use


  • Not many options
  • Only available in english
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